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Friday, August 01, 2008

Why don't boyfriends like their girlfriends to go clubbing?

Oh i trust you, i just dont trust alcohol...


I think guys who club, but do not let their girlfriends club have issues - so double standards isnt it? Boys will say it's different, it's not the same. Why? Because boys have this major big ego they need to keep inflated at all times? Or is because girls are always at the losing end and it generally just sucks to be a girl?

Bfs dont let their gfs club because they dont want other guys pawing them -

It seems to me that it is a given that guys have "the right" to paw girls in club, grind them and touch them. It is the natural system of clubbing that guys can touch anything with boobs and surround them like lusty perverts because it's a club and all the girls who go clubbing are sluts and loose.

Well that's a load of stereotypical bullcrap isnt it. I think boys fall to realize that only girls who want to be touched, get touched. Only girls who allow men to dance with them, grind them.

Asking to get laid - does your gf look like this?

And think about it, bfs dont want other guys touching their girls. In that case, channel your anger and frustration to the random guys in the club. DO NOT insinuate that your gf is a slut and a whore for going clubbing. Bfs HAVE NO RIGHT to stop their gf from going clubbing, especially if they know she goes clubbing regularly. They chose to get attached to a girl who goes clubbing so deal with it. If you dont like your gf to go clubbing go and find a broomstick. (very ironically a lot of guys meet their future girlfriends in clubs) I mean geez, not even married yet and so uptight.

Some girls are naive no doubt, some are cheap and others are just horny...but surely you know your know your own girlfriend better? And also my next point -

Bfs are scared that their gf will get drunk and do the wrong things -

Only a girl asking to get screwed will go to a club alone and by herself.

All girls have their group of girlfriends/friends who look out for each other and protect each other. If we see our friend getting harassed by a stranger do you think we will stand there and throw her a condom? Do you think we will force our friends to drink if she's getting too high? The answer is obvious, we girls look out for each other. (We dont punch friends for cock-blocking. HA.)

Happy girlfriends! (what is with these weird google photos huh)

By the way girls, if your friends dont look out for probably need new friends.

Bfs are so afraid their gf will get drunk and "do the wrong thing". When bfs go clubbing i dont see their gfs getting so paranoid.

At the end of the day isnt it the chicken or the egg question? Did my girlfriend go to a club and grind some guy? Did my boyfriend go to a club and grind some girl?

Girls cannot grind another guy because it's "cheating". Guys can grind a random girl because it's just "fun".

Sincere bfs, selfish bfs -

I think it must be a male complex thing, what with the testicles and chromosomes, but next time your bf disagrees with you going clubbing, just listen to the reasons he lays out on the table.

#1: Boyfriend says, "i dont want you to get drunk and hurt yourself"

#2: Boyfriend says, "I dont want you to get drunk and do the wrong things."

Is there a difference? Yes.

Bf #1 places priority on your safety and doesnt want you to get cheated or wasted.

Bf #2 places priority on HIMSELF and just doesnt want you to do anything that could possibly affect him or make him a cuckold.


Ok i dont want to go into the trust issue which is surely the most important thing. Maybe the most saddening thing about it all is that your boyfriend doesnt trust you to make the right decisions for yourself. Your boyfriend insinuates you are a loose slut who goes to bed with random strangers which is downright insulting to a girl's dignity... And then you wonder if your boyfriend really knows who you are at all.

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